About Us

Ten Talents is a family-owned business, offering web based development and consulting services. We focus on small to mid-sized organizations.


When web technologies first started to appear in the early to mid-90’s, we believed in them so much that we started a business in 1998. At the time, there were a lot of people creating web pages. Remember all the "flashy" sites with a lot of graphics and sound? That was never what we were about. We knew that web technologies were much more than doing "marketing material under glass." We saw the importance of using internet applications as a means of helping clients generate more revenue and operate more profitably.

We discovered an internet franchisor focused on internet applications for the small to mid-sized market so to distinguish ourselves from the competition, we purchased a franchise territory in 1998. Our role in the operations of the franchise was mainly sales and support for applications from the franchisor. We were also responsible for consulting with businesses to help them recognize benefits of the internet and then developing a solution to help them capitalize on those benefits.

Several years later we were tossed a bit of a curveball. The internet craze burst and the franchisor went bankrupt. We redeveloped the applications our customers were using and continued to seek ways to use technology to benefit our existing and new clients.

In the years since, we have learned quite a bit about running a business focused on the small to mid-sized business market. Although small ourselves, we have a lot of experience delivering web-based solutions, priced appropriately for the market. We do this all while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Why the name?

There is a parable in the Bible that talks about talents. Talents were given to people and the Lord multipled the talents of the individual who received the talents and used them. The Lord has blessed us with capabilities in technology. We feel privileged to use those gifts. We pray that the Lord will allow us to use them completely for His glory and not our own.